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  • Beldi Black Soap
    Moroccan Black Beldi Soap

    Moroccan Black Beldi Soap is made from crushed ripe olives soaked into potash, then water and essential oil added. Made in professional cosmetic lab by skilled professionals using special equipments.

    Benefits: Removes dead skin cells from the rough and dry outer surface. Deep cleans the skin by removing toxins, making the skin soft, smooth and silky to the touch.

    How to use: Apply Black Beldi Soap after a 15 minute hot bath, hot shower, sauna, steam room or Hammam. Using only plain water, apply soap on a warm and wet body. Avoid the face and eyes. Leave on up to 10 minutes, the rinse with warm water.

    Ingredients: Olive oil, crushed black olive, essential oil, water, potassium hydroxide

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  • Argan Oil Soap
    Natural Argan Oil Soap
    Natural soap made with pure cosmetic grade Argan Oil. Improves the skin suppleness, leaving it smooth and clean.

    Ingredients: Pure argan oil (Argania Spinosa), powdered argan nuts, olive oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide
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